The football world was shocked on Thursday when former MVP Cam Newton reunited with the Carolina Panthers, and later that afternoon, Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines signing with the Los Angeles Rams. OBJ was strongly considering Green Bay, but then surprised everyone when he rolled with LA.

The celebrity that is Odell, sees Hollywood, and the alluring spotlight in Los Angeles, and ultimately a Super Bowl.

Aside from the glitz, glimmer and attention that will come with OBJ in the Los Angeles market, there are now real Super Bowl expectations for the Rams. After signing 8x Pro Bowler Von Miller, the Rams’ defense has made an substantial upgrade and now with an fully loaded offense, this team is even more scary both sides on the field.

The Rams first blockbuster trade happened this offseason with signing veteran QB Matthew Stafford, who has already been making huge dividends for his team. Stafford leads the NFL in net yards per attempt and QBR, and is playing some of the best football in his career.

The hype is real in LA, and looks like the 7-2 Rams are going all in this season.

The questions do start however with OBJ and the Rams. Can they make this work?

It’s going to be interesting how Beckham Jr. fits in this offense, and if Stafford can get him more involved. There could be some early growing pains if Odell doesn’t get the ball often and early, for he is in an offense that is stacked at the wide receiver position.

Veteran receiver Robert Woods, who was paid handsomely this offseason, will now have to share reps even more with OBJ at the helm. Stafford and his connection with star receiver Cooper Kupp, will still be a thing, for they are one of the best duos in the league.

Van Jefferson, the Rams’ second round draft pick last year, also has had success with Stafford this season. So this is going to be a busy offense, and the questions might linger on why OBJ didn’t sign with a team that makes him the primary option.

All in all, the Rams are making moves and could be the team to beat.

Photo Credits: Clutch Points

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