There is speculation on where the star wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., will sign following his release from the Browns. Teams like the Saints, Packers, Raiders and Ravens made headlines to become the favorites to land Beckham Jr., but which team makes the most sense?

I believe the best fit for Odell Beckham Jr. is the Las Vegas Raiders. While there are some good teams that are interested in the former Browns’ star, the Raiders should be the priority.

1. Odell Beckham Jr. could be the Raiders’ No. 1 wide receiver

Following the tragic news of star Henry Ruggs III, the Raiders are now without a true primary option at the wide receiver position. Beckham Jr. could be that guy who steps up as the star on offense, just like he was with the New York Giants.

2. QB Derek Carr

Quarterback Derek Carr has been playing some of the best football in his career for Las Vegas, and he could really gel with the diva that is Odell. Carr also, is well respected in the locker room, and I believe would really know how to handle the drama that surrounds Beckham Jr.

3. The Raiders have playoff aspirations

While the Raiders have had their struggles in the past, they have recently been growing to be one of the stronger teams in the league. With star tight end, Darren Waller, and running back Josh Jacobs, are really coming into their own, Odell could really be the piece that fits the Raiders’ puzzle.

Beckham Jr. could sign with a new team as soon as 1p.m. ET on Monday, will it be with the Raiders?

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