The Browns have officially released Odell Beckham Jr. Friday morning, putting an end to the turmoil built from both sides the past two years. Odell Beckham Jr., 29, gets an ironic birthday gift today after his release, which apparently has been a wish for some time now.

There has been speculation that Beckham has been unhappy with the team since he joined the organization in 2019.

The Browns GM, Andrew Berry, reiterated that “it is in the best interest of all parties that Odell doesn’t not play with the Browns.”

Baker couldn’t get the ball to Odell, and Odell couldn’t get to Mayfield’s spot on the field where the quarterback needed him to be. The two just were not a good fit, and there was speculation on the struggling relationship really since Odell arrived in Cleveland.

Where and when did the relationship go completely wrong?

Browns fans became optimistic that Beckham has stayed with the team, and that 2021 was a bet-right year for him in Cleveland, and could truly make a championship run. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case this season, and things grew worse immensely when Odell’s father made headlines on social media concerning Baker Mayfield.

Tuesday, according to Adam Schefter, the Browns had trade discussions with several teams regarding Odell, but failed to agree on a contract. The Saints were the first serious consideration for the star wideout, and are still the favorites to land Odell.

Does Odell Beckham Jr. and the Saints really makes sense?

The Saints have officially lost their 2020 Offensive Player of the Year, Michael Thomas, due to a setback recovering from an ankle injury, so Beckham Jr. could fill that void as a WR1. The problem however, with Beckham Jr. in New Orleans, is that the superstar would be without a starting quarterback following the Jameis Winston injury.

There could be real frustration with Trevor Siemian at quarterback for Beckham Jr. the remainder of the season. With low expectations as a signal caller, it’s hard to see Beckham Jr. wanting to sign with a team lacking a true QB1.

According to ESPN, the Packers, Raiders, and Ravens are also the favorites to become Beckham Jr.’s next landing spot. These are all teams that have a strong quarterback and could really make a splash in the playoffs.

There makes sense for Beckham to sign with any of the top reported teams, but of course which of them would be the right fit.

Photo Author Source: All-Pro Reels

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