Drekker Brewing released a sundae sour called, “Chonk, ‘Merica Cake”, and it has to be the tastiest beer I’ve ever tried in my life.

Yes, I’ll start off by saying Chonk could just be the tastiest beer I’ve ever tried in my entire life. I mean I’ve tried a lot of beers, so yeah that’s saying something.

It’s simple, this beer is ridiculously delicious.

I am completely shocked after the initial taste. The flavors were just outstanding – including everything and more from strawberry, blueberry, banana, cake batter, vanilla beans, and lactose.

Drekker Brewing just absolutely killed it with this sundae sour. Chonk ‘Merica Cake slaps you in the face with it’s unreal flavor and with a 7.8% ABV.

The fruity, sweet, sundae mouthful is just to die for. After each sip, it just gets better and better, and makes me think how is it possible to make a beer this delicious.

I am still in awe, and will probably go to bed tonight dreaming about Chonk, or cake.

Shame on me for not being a big fan of sours, but this changes the game for sure. I’ll be on the hunt now for sundae sours.

The excitement came over me after seeing that Drekker does a series of Chonk-sundae sours, I mean how could they not. I have to find a way to get my hands on them…I would definitely consider a flight to North Dakota and make a weekend trip out of it.

Shout out to Punchgut.com for their dope artwork on the beer.

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