“Joel Embiid” by All-Pro Reels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 featured image credits – “File:Joel Embiid 2018 (cropped2).jpg” byFile:Philadelphia 76ers bench 2018.jpg: Keith Allison derivative work: Shakeydeal33 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Atlanta Hawks are one game away from upsetting the Philadelphia 76ers, just after coming back from a 26-point lead on the road, now they get to close out the series in Atlanta, Game 6.

If this was the time for the 76ers to really make a splash in the playoffs, it would be now. With several NBA stars out of the picture, the seas have parted and basically have invited a clear path for Philly to come right on through.

Tons of injuries have affected these NBA Playoffs, both in the east and west. Both conferences are wide open.

Brooklyn are down without Irving, and effectively Harden, while Milwaukee is a complete disaster. Kawhi Leonard is out, and Chris Paul is in COVID-19 protocol.

The 76ers blew another big lead going into the second half against the Hawks, and Wednesday was one giant collapse.

From a spectator’s point of view, the game was over in the second quarter. The 76ers were in complete control all night long, then just completely fall apart in the third quarter.

The Hawks were trying to match the 76ers size during the first half of the game, and it clearly was not working. Philadelphia was dominating the paint and still should have for the rest of the game.

It seems that the ‘Process’ is hanging on by a thread, especially that this team has been well established for years now. There really is the sense that this could be the last ride for this roster.

Ben Simmons’ struggles at the free throw line is something noteworthy for his flaws, as well as finding range in his game. He failed to step up in the second half, while Joel Embiid and Seth Curry were the only scorers for a latter part of that ball game.

The Atlanta Hawks are a great story this season, but in my perspective they are not a better team than the 76ers. The 76ers are more talented, experienced, and have more to lose than the Hawks.

While 76ers Head Coach Doc Rivers’ 2-1 series lead collapses might come back to haunt him again, it’s hard to keep putting the blame on the coach. This roster might just not be the team that they are truly capable of.

Does Philly’s Process split up this offseason with another playoff exit?

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