Two creative and innovative owners of Smelter City Brewing, renovated this fascinating brewery in the historic Electric Light Building at 101 Main, Anaconda. The restoration of the building is gorgeous, for the honeycomb tile behind the bar and the ceiling tiles makes for one beautiful tap room.

Smelter City Brewing’s historic flare and signature image foreshadows all the great qualities the brewery has to offer.

The renowned, famous building located right off main in downtown makes for a great fit for the city of Anaconda, and is very accommodating to guests to visit the brewery. Like all of the great brew pubs, atmosphere is a key factor, and Smelter City has that.

I was very impressed with the ambiance inside Smelter City Brewing, and how they retained the famed, landmark vibe and combined it with the modernization of the landscape. The vats (a.k.a. coolships) and central processing are located right off the main room, so you can enjoy your beer, and have a nice conversation while you watch the brewmasters in action.

The people in the tasting room can see the equipment in the brew house just through those glass doors…pretty neat.

There is just some kind of settling feeling for me to see all the barrels, cellar tanks, and main equipment when I’m at a brewery.

The luxurious and inviting Smelter City Brewing’s atmosphere foreshadows the quality of the brewery, and entices guests

to hang out comfortably. When I walked in the tap room, I thought to myself, “man this place is classy, they must have a high standard in their brew as well”.

Beautiful bar and tap room with a historic/modernized vibe to it.

The beer was outstanding at Smelter City Brewing, featuring a great variety and just quality from dark beer to IPA’s. I loved the hazy IPA’s as well like “Road to Wisdom”, and the “Garrity”.

A very popular beer is the “Gose”, a little sour, a bit salty, and simply amazing. It’s one of those featured brews that is a must try, also because you can’t necessarily take it home with you (no growler refills).

Being an advocate for dark beer as well as hazy IPA’s, I would say my favorite was probably the “Stump Town”.

The Scottish ale, Stump Town.

The Stump Town is a Scottish ale, very soothing especially for 7% ABV. Hints of coffee, and has the essential traits of a scotch ale, it is just delicious!

Smelter City Brewing is highly rated, which is a result of their wonderful atmosphere and exceptional beer. I would definitely say this is one of the best breweries I’ve been to in Montana.

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