The Dragontooth Stout, as said best from its description – malty, rich, velvety, and smooth. This delicious stout has complex notes of chocolate, oat, and citrus.

Dragontooth has been one of my favorites dark beers for years, and with a big name like Elysian Brewing, it definitely lives up to the great reputation.

According to Untappd, the name is referential to the founders of Thebes, warriors who sprang from the earth when the teeth of a slain dragon were sown by Cadmus.

Elysian brewed their stout with 10% rolled oats, roasted barley, Crystal, Munich and chocolate malts. Bittered with Magnum, finished with Cascade and Centennial hops.

This stout is not only very enjoyable, but it does also give you a damn good buzz (8.1% ABV, 36 IBU). I can’t wait to take a trip to Seattle, and check out the Elysian Brewery, along with all the other great brew pubs that are featured in one of the largest growing cities in the country.

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