Quarry Brewing is doing a little something special for the Christmas holiday.

The owners of Quarry decided to do an individual, special small batch of brewing during the twelve days of Christmas. This is an incredible task for a brewer, it requires someone like Chuck, a very experienced brewer/owner, that has the passion and drive to complete such a unique challenge for his brewery.

I stumbled on this neat little brewery on the day of moving to Butte, Montana. Quarry is located in the historic Grand Hotel on Broadway Street, and has been open since 2007.

Friday began the first day of Quarry’s special Christmas release, which was a Peanut Butter Porter. The reason why I did not write about this was because, I was disappointed in the lack of peanut butter in the beer, it just had a small hint of it, which made for just another porter.

The brewer himself even admitted he wasn’t satisfied with the final result, but that’s brewing for ya, it’s a trial and error project. This will hopefully inspire him to make a better version of this brew next year.

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