Quarry Brewing’s 12 Beers of a Christmas has come to a close with features of their “Pyrite Pilsner,” and the “Sandstone Stout.” This has been a fun experience for the holidays, and something to add to my brewery ‘reputa’.

I wanted to take this time to say thanks for the great owners Chuck and his wife, Liza, for doing something fun like this Christmas beer series, and also for all their hard work. Shout out to the cool mug they gave me, for completing this sweet mini brew voyage.

This mug is a special edition from Quarry; Liza told me they only have made 25 of them, and some that went to an auction. I thought that was pretty cool, it is reminiscent of the mug club glasses they have hanging on the wall, in which I am on the waiting list for.

I thought the whole mug club membership idea was pretty interesting, and seems unique compared to the breweries I’ve been to in California. I don’t believe they have anything similar to this, how everyone comes in for their personalized glass.

Now, when I come into Quarry, I’ll probably bring my glass with me, as if I were a mug club member.

The Pyrite Pilsner was nothing out of the ordinary, than just a crisp, light-bodied beer. Just like any other pilsner, this is something easy to drink, maybe something during the day.

I like how they refer the pyrite, “rock” name to their central theme, We Dig Beer, which is a reflection to Butte’s persona of a mining town. This made me realize why Quarry also named their new stout, Sandstone Stout.

The Sandstone stout is pretty much another substantial stout, no certain flavors, or anything tricky found tasting this beer. This is a pretty good stout, I wouldn’t say it’s great, but again I’m a pretty big critic of stouts, so I am a bit biased in grading my dark beers.

Quarry Brewing has certainly earned me a new level of respect in trying a new variety of their brew, which is what I believe they really lacked compared to some of the other breweries in Butte. I love the atmosphere, theme, and if you can get past the sour identity in some of their beers – then you will enjoy this brewery!

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