The Christmas vibes were strong today at Quarry Brewery, just in time for their most holiday themed beer yet, “Christmas Spice Copper”.

The Christmas Spice Copper was a fun addition to the holiday brew series, as the owner hit it right with describing this just like gingerbread. The immediate ginger/cinnamon taste certainly made their Copper Ale a completely different, and Christmas-like beer.

I would say this beer isn’t for evryone, seeing that some guests still sticking with the original Copper. I definitely like this one though, makes for a good holiday treat.

The next brew I came in to try was the “Sour Cherry Gold”. This wasn’t anything special for me, nothing more fancy than a sour reminiscing a cherry profile.

I’m not a huge sour fan, maybe that might be the case I was ok with the beer. Chuck told me it would be a good idea to mix it with their porter, to give it a smoked cherry, so I did.

I actually mix the Open Pit Porter with their Raspberry ale, which makes a smoked raspberry which is actually pretty good.

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