Chuck Schnabel’s “Coffee Pilsner”, is one of my favorites so far from the 12 Beers of Christmas series at Quarry Brewing.

I have to admit this Coffee Pilsner is one of the most unique beers I’ve had in a minute. When you think coffee, you think dark, and this brew is as light as can be.

When you see this beer you think it should be dark, but it’s not!

Yes, this is a pilsner, but the amount of coffee flavor, having such a light body is just fascinating. I think what stood out to me besides the color, obviously, is how tasty this beer is.

I like coffee beers, but not sure if I LOVE them, however I do love this one. Whether it’s the fact that its coffee as a pilsner, it is just really delicious.

Describing the taste of the beer is really hard. I want to say it is almost like a graham cracker mixed with shot of blonde expresso or something.

Chuck told me his inspiration in brewing this pilsner was his last visit to a brewery in Vegas, and had a coffee Kolsch called “Morning Joe”. He said he was astounded how Banger Brewing was able to overlay the coffee flavors of a Kolsch style beer, and decided to experience the when he came back home.

A Kolsch is very similar to a pilsner, a light, crisp profile, and Chuck did a great job with his inspiration in this brew.

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