Quarry Brewing decided to choose a breakfast theme for Day 2 of their new beloved Christmas Beer series, “The Mimosa Wit.”

The Mimosa Wit is a blood orange and wheat beer, that is reminiscent of the name – very smooth, citrusy, and tastes like a Mimosa. This is great to drink on a nice hot, sunny day (even those don’t really exist in Butte, Montana) and is good to start off with basically for how light the body is.

This was a tasty beer, and thought the balance of the blood orange and wheat was interesting. I have had better blood oranges in my time, but I get that he was trying to capture that Mimosa profile, in which the brewer did well.

The ABV is not listed in this series of beers so I will do my best to find that information out next time I see the owners, but I did get a pretty nice buzz. Cheers!

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