Cam Newton is officially done for the 2019 NFL regular season, and perhaps with the Carolina Panthers. His future in Charlotte is in limbo after a frustrating season to say the least, with news of undisclosed injuries, and questionable decisions handled by the coaching staff.

NFL news officially had reported Tuesday that the Panthers finally put an end to the quarterback controversy by placing Newton on IR.

Now with their franchise quarterback on injured reserve, it is fair to ask the question, what is next for Cam Newton? It seems that the Panthers have full confidence in Kyle Allen, who has been 6-1 since Newton’s injury.

There’s the feeling that the former MVP will be in a different jersey next season.

Newton is coming off back-to-back injury shortened seasons (missing the final two games of last season with a right shoulder injury), and now has undergone surgeries on his shoulder the last two off seasons. It might just be a sign that it is time for the two to move on in different directions.

It’s always hard to imagine a player with the caliber, and talent like a Cam Newton to be traded to another team, but given the recent history, it might just be a good idea. Not so sure if the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, applies to Newton, but it might apply to their possible new franchise quarterback Kyle Allen.

The question for the past few weeks, regarding whispers of Newton’s return, has been: If the chemistry with Kyle Allen is working, then why try to change it? Whether your a big fan of Cam or not, it’s hard to argue that – benching Allen, following his success, is necessary a good idea for this Panthers team.

What teams would be the best fit for Newton? Let’s name a few.

One of my top picks, and perhaps Newton’s, would be the Chicago Bears.

Mitchell Trubisky, who the Bears woefully reached for as the No. 2 overall pick, didn’t exactly pan out well for them. While he had showed some flashes in his rookie season in 2017, Trubisky has been anything but that with just five touchdowns and averaging a QB rating of 77 in 2019.

There is news of the Bears looking to trade him, and would possibly leave a door open for Newton if they don’t sign a surging Teddy Bridgewater right away. Whether that will happen or not, this is one of the best options Newton has to look for, justifying the talent the Bears have on defense alone.

Newton would help keep the offense on the field, and not wear out a potential elite defense with Khalil Mack and company for years to come in Chicago.

One of the obvious answers in desperate need for a starting quarterback is the Denver Broncos. I think we all know the mutual feeling with this franchise has for Joe Flacco after a disastrous season, failing expectations as a veteran, and super bowl winning quarterback.

This franchise however, has more problems than just Flacco, for their offensive line and play calling is just hard to watch. The Thursday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs (with no Patrick Mahomes, most of the game) in Week 7 at home, had to be one of the worst offensive performances in a professional football game, maybe ever…at least with my own two eyes.

Despite their offensive woes, Denver has continued to have a respectable reputation on defense. In my perspective, their priority needs to be upgrading that O-line, and roll the dice with Drew Lock as their potential starter, or legit back up if they trade for Cam Newton.

Whether the Broncos draft a quarterback in the first round, they should consider trading for a playmaker, and a real Pro-Bowl QB like Newton.

Next I think another possible destination could be the Washington Redskins. If you believe the Dwayne Haskins theory is the only answer to this franchise, maybe you should think again.

Haskins has only one start with the Redskins, and alike the winless Cincinnati Bengals, there are rumors of tanking the rest of the season in order to draft a Tua Tagovailoa, or possibly a Justin Herbert with the No. 1 pick.

Not necessarily saying that one of these college stars are going No. 1 overall, but these teams might want to make it their first pick. Young quarterbacks take time to adjust, and again they need more of a sure thing as their starter.

While the talent isn’t necessarily there, the Redskins look like a much more viable option than the Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, or the New York Jets.

I think one interesting team that Newton could be equipped with is the New York Giants. He certainly would add a similar play-style to this team like Daniel Jones, and perhaps not turn the ball over as much.

While the jury is still out on Jones, the Giants would be a great team for Newton based on the team’s potential with their skill-set players on offense, as well as defense. News of Newton being traded to the Giants would certainly make a splash in the league, and I agree will be hard to see exactly how it will pan out for either of them, but it’s easy to say that the Manning Era is pretty much over in New York.

Photo by Pantherfan11 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

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