Muddy Creek Brewery is a really neat hole in the wall, located uptown where I live in Butte, Montana. It has an old school, ghost town neighborhood kind of vibe.

I first tried the “Hair of the Dog” which is a coffee blonde, an excellent beer to try first. It complements the dark beers, and the amber ale I tasted from my flight.

The beertender was nice enough to give me an extra flight taster on the house, and it was great. This blonde is smooth, light, but very coffee-like compared to others I’ve tried in the past.

Pretty solid.

Butte breweries must be known for there Vanilla Porters, which aren’t as popular back home. Every brewery I have been to so far, has there own Vanilla Porter.

The Storm Door has that immediate malt, roast that is quickly followed with a great amount of vanilla. This beer is delicious!

I have not found a vanilla porter out here in Montana that I haven’t liked so far. The only vanilla porter I tried back home in LA, was by Breckinridge Brewing, which compared to these, lacks a good amount of vanilla bean.

The beertenders favorite, “No Paddle” Amber Ale is one of the most unique ambers I’ve tried so far. Not exactly sure if it is my favorite – I tend to like the caramel, sweeter ambers with a malty finish – this however, is very respectable in terms of the brewing process.

The No Paddle has a hef/banana taste to it, that really caught me by surprise. It is easy to drink, and will get your lips smacking more for that fruity finish.

My favorite beer I must say that I have tried at the brewery, is their signature “Blue Sky Blueberry Blonde Ale”. I have never been that impressed with a blueberry ale before, finding that perfect balance between a fruity flavor, with the light profile of a blonde.

The first blueberry beer I tried was the “Blue Dog Wild Blue Lager”, from the infamous Anheuser-Busch, which was actually a huge disappointment. The Blue Dog has a respectable 8% ABV, but didn’t appear to be anything like a beer at all.

It left a bad taste in my mouth, because this wild blue lager was actually more of a blueberry soda. Ever since then, I have been hesitated to try certain fruit-type beers, but Muddy Creek certainly changed my perspective with their Blue Sky.

The Blue Sky adds a pleasantly sweet blueberry taste, that wasn’t too much or too little. I was super impressed, and now know why this is actually there most popular beer.

Check out Muddy Creek Brewery, if your in uptown Butte or just passing by. Cheers.

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