There I was, gazing at all the native trees, purple blooms, thinking this is why they call it the Lilac City.  This was my first day visiting the beautiful city of Spokane, Washington. 

I became awestruck crossing over Spokane; smelling, seeing all the green, as well as the breathtaking rivers that run throughout the state. Spokane River is approximately 111 miles long, running all the way through northern Idaho, and eastern Washington. 

Spokane is not only a great place for sightseeing or exploring, but also for beer tasting!  

It was my first time in the city of Spokane, but also my first trip visiting my best friend, Max McLaughlin. It gave me great gratification to spend three days with my friend, and also to be-in-person with the co-author of the blog. 

Max and I, spent a good time exploring, and introducing myself to the city, but of course checking out the local breweries of Spokane. We were able to travel all around Downtown Spokane by Day 3, and I was guided to some of my future favorite breweries.

One of the first trendy places, just blocks away from Max’s apartment, we attended was the Manito Tap House. This gastro pub-like tap house, is a good start before touring Spokane’s list of 25 breweries.

Manito Tap House is a cool, local spot on the historic South Hill in the Comstock neighborhood, to grab some good brews, and food as well. It is a great location to hit before downtown Spokane, and is across the street from Republic Pi, another fantastic pub.

While Max ate, I started off with a couple flights at Manito, trying a vast variety of their respectable brew. 

One of the best beers I tried at the tap house was the, “Peanut Butter Death”, or at least it said it was. When I researched this beer, it was actually known as “Peanut Butter Dark Ale”, by Iron Horse Brewery.

Sockeye Brewing, in neighboring city Boise, Idaho, featured one of their tastiest beers – Velvet Falls Cream Ale. Velvet Falls was one of my other favorites; this delicious cream ale is just like as it sounds, smooth as velvet.

Names aside, it was a delicious peanut butter brown ale that had the perfect balance, wasn’t too heavy or light, just right. I tried a few other house name beers all the way from local breweries, to the other side of Washington.

The Coral Brut IPA, The Rubaeus, and the Belgian Strong were other stand out beers from the tap house. The Rubaeus particularly stood out being a raspberry ale, that was reminiscent of a sour, but smooth with a fruity palate.

Later that Monday night, we went to grab more beers at the store, and decided to go dark. Two wonderful stouts, Drop D Stout Ale, and the Goatmeal Stout.

The Goatmeal Stout is an incredible stout by Iron Goat Brewing, featuring dark and delicate notes of espresso and cocoa, swirling lusciously on the tongue. This stout glides smoothly with a sweet-dry finish, with a 23 IBU, giving it low bitterness – just perfect for this oatmeal stout.

It was cool that my first day in Spokane, I already got introduced to a variety of some of the local breweries.

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