Star tennis player, and also temperamental genius, Nick Kyrgios, electrified crowds at the Citi Open with his brilliant play and character, similar to the legend John McEnroe.  

Kyrgios certainly gives the fans their money’s worth, he is very McEnroe-esk the way he goes about his game. From fist-bumping his fist in the air, then running to high-five certain members of the crowd, the Australian icon shows he plays the sport with passion. 

Just like McEnroe, Kyrgios awes with his shot-making artistry and volleying skills, but also was known for his confrontational on court behavior that frequently landed him in trouble with umpires and tennis authorities. 

I remember the first time I saw Kyrgios play, and it was everything, but the tennis game.  He went from breaking tennis rackets, to confronting the umpires, in a manner that not also made his opponent uncomfortable.  

At first, I thought this guy was insane. Now, after seeing how talented of a player he is, and most of that is driven by his fervent style of tennis, I began to look at him in a different perspective. 

How can Kyrgios not remind you of the great McEnroe? There are so many similarities in these two, but of course McEnroe is a legend for a reason, and Kyrgios still has ways to go. 

The future is bright for the Australian native; Kyrgios is only 24-years old, and he is coming off a win at the Citi Open. Kyrgios, however, will need to understand he is going to keep getting criticism for his antics. 

Two-time Wimbledon champion and former No. 1 says Aussie needs to strike balance between his best and worst. Andy Murray spoke to ATP about the Australian star, and on the state of his game right now.   

“He’s brilliant for tennis, but I want to see a better maturity,” Murray said. “When he’s engaged in tennis and wants to play he’s brilliant for the game.” 

It is funny that now, those antics, and behavior of Kyrgios is something that I actually admire, because it reminds me of how much he wants to win.  

Featured image from Getty Images.

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