When East meets West you get the best.

In a collaboration with RAR Brewing in Maryland, Local Craft Beer released a new NE Double IPA called, “Flippin’ Tables”, another near-perfect brew that resembles the brewery’s iconic hazy creations. Flippin’ Tables is one of the smoothest, tastiest imperial NE Double IPA’s you will try. 

LCB is an experienced brewery; they have been crafting quality brew since 2005, establishing themselves one of the premier breweries in not only Tehachapi, but also in Southern California. 

Flippin Tables is hazy, smooth, and citrusy – everything you want in an NE Double IPA. 

The East Coast Haze, West Coast triple dry hopping make this so good!!! Also LCB/RAR Brewing mentioned you might actually be flipping some tables after drinking this IPA.

Come try this great beer, and you will be introduced to the one of many insane creations by one of my favorite breweries. I have yet to arrive at LCB brewery, but I will put it on my ‘must-go-to brewery list’. 

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