Sports On Draft co-admin, Max McLaughlin, celebrates his 23rdBirthday in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. The Idaho Vandals seemed to attract the young Sports On Draft signee, as he rides off in the sand, and the sunset with his girlfriend along the coastline. 

While McLaughlin enjoys his day, this is a great time for me, and the rest of the Sports On Draft team, to give our dear friend a shout out. 

The journey started with Max not too long ago, about a couple months, June really to start kicking things off with the website. Not too long I realized he could reallywrite, after huge success in his first post, “’Sox complete comeback in extra innings.”

Max’s first article was not only an inspiration to myself, but it jumpstarted the page, for we started below 300 likes, and now we are about to reach 900. I couldn’t do it without my best friend, who doesn’t know how exactly how talented of a writer he truly is. 

Cheers to my friend, and also business partner, Max McLaughlin. God bless.

Check out all of mightymax19’s posts, such as ’Sox complete comeback in extra innings, AFC Training Camp: Each teams, and now Melvin Gordon = 2019 Le’Veon Bell? 

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  1. Brings me to tears my dear friend. This was probably the greatest birthday present I could have EVER been given much love. So excited for our journey, and the future are building. Many big things to come and I am just honored to be a part of it and to be thought of so highly. You’re my partner in crime and we’ve got so much more to accomplish.

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