It’s time to party, with guava that is. 

Transplants Brewing’s iconic IPA brewed with guava, El Mas Guapo, was featured in different variations via celebration of the brewery’s half birthday. I was pretty ecstatic that I attended the celebration on Saturday, being able to enjoy an entire El Mas Guapo flight. 

El Mas Guapo has been one of Transplants’ symbolic IPA’s for years now, associating it now as one of their renown brews. 

Transplants adds 60lbs of fresh guava pulp to their flagship for just the right West Coast IPA twist, giving it an extremely refreshing taste. This IPA is perfect to drink during the day, it is light, and smooth with a 7.5% ABV. 

I have always been fascinated with Transplants because they are one of the few breweries that does several projects with their brew like they do on El Mas Guapo Day. They featured El Mas Guapo on nitro, Mango Guapo, Macho Guapo (with extra fresh guavas added), and Spicy Guapo (with chilies).

El Mas Guapo on nitro

El Mas Guapo on nitro sounded insanely good, so I tried that one first. I ended up getting a pint to start off with, waiting patiently as the nitro Guapo was being poured. 

The nitro gave the El Mas Guapo a totally different look, which was kind of weird, but understandable. 

I waited about a minute or so for the bubbles, foam to settle in from the nitro pour. The look was still very opaque, and dark, which was interesting. 

The taste was very bland, it’s as if the nitro effect took away some of the guava taste. It was an experiment worth trying, but just didn’t necessarily get it right, but again this is why I love this brewery –they do experiments with their beer that is worth trying. 

El Mas Guapo flight

The first, and favorite I tried from the Guapo flight was the mango. Transplants did an incredible job adding a good amount of mango pure, or whatever they used to make it so tasteful, and so mango! 

This was amazing! If only, Transplants had this on tap on the regular.

I’m a fan of mangos, but this was just one of the better mango or flavored IPA’s I tried in a while. I hate it when you go to the store, and it says, “Mango IPA”, and tastes absolutely nothing like mango whatsoever after buying it. 

The Spicy Guapo was very spicy! Transplants must have added a boat load of chilies in there, for I am not sure If I could have a whole pint of that! I guess I’m not as much of a spicy fan as I thought. 

Last, but definitely no least on the flight, the Macho Guapo. This was also one of my favorites, because more guava! 

If you get a chance, come check out this awesome brewery in Palmdale, California. Cheers! 

Featured Image by BL Singleton, Art Director at Transplants Brewing

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