Live fast and die young, that’s the life of a boxer. 

The boxing world came crashing down on Tuesday, after news of boxer Maxim Dadashev’s tragic death at the age of 28, as a result of from several brain injuries in his TKO loss.  

Maxim Dadashev’s fight against Subriel Matias, was one hard fought-fight, for the Russian boxer hung around until the 11thround. Not until the very end of the fight, people began to take notice as the fighter was warned amongst the state of his head injuries. 

Max Kellerman, ESPN First Take and boxing analyst, was profoundly shocked saying it didn’t seem different than any other knockout at first. “I didn’t at any point in the fight saw anything alarming,” Max Kellerman told ESPN. 

The story of Maxim Dadashev is another example of a true boxing tragedy that so many of us know is a result of this bloodshed sport called boxing. It is a catastrophe for Dadashev, but it is also a time to celebrate his legacy as a boxer. 

Rest in peace Maxim Dadashev, prayers are with you and your family. 

Featured image by Scott Taetsch/Getty images from the New York Times

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