The New York Knicks may not be the best team in the NBA, but they are the most valuable. According to Forbes, the Knicks are valued at $3.6 billion, making them the most valuable NBA franchise today. 

The Knicks are also top five all-time, in most valuable franchises climbing right behind Barcelona at $4.2 billion. 

The Yankees and the Dodgers were the only baseball teams to make the top ten in most valuable franchises. New York, not surprisingly, were right next to the Dallas Cowboys at no. 1 overall. 

The history of franchises, and geography certainly make a huge difference in a franchise. The location is very important, and this is why the Knicks have a great market in the NBA. 

It’s safe to say that New York is the main reason why the Knicks are the most valuable franchise. NYC is a big city, with plenty of things to do – it can be a great attraction for free agents. 

One can wonder if the Knicks will ever live up to their value in the near future. Knicks are going to have to hope that their third overall pick, RJ Barrett, can be their hero. 

Is RJ Barrett the savior the Knicks need? 

Photo by sny.tv

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