Football season is approaching, and that means fantasy football fans are getting ready to start set up their lineups with one question in mind – who should be the no. 1 pick?  

Sports On Draft selects their no. 1 pick to be Le’Veon Bell, at least I do. 

Max McLaughlin, co-author and admin, has Todd Gurley, and Ezekiel Elliot as his top running backs, along with Bell. Many people right now, are picking Elliot as the front runner this year, along with Giants’ RB Saquon Barkley. 

Elliot should be the top running back, but yet again he is a Dallas Cowboy, which means he can be unpredictable. Especially with the rumors of a possible trade, and his rift with front office, Elliot adds to the Cowboys’ woes with his new contract demands.  

The star running back still has two years left of his contract with Dallas, for now he is becoming a distraction to the team. While Elliot is still a valuable pick, will he pull a Le’Veon Bell last season

Bell is going to be my version Christian McCaffrey last year, who was arguable rated as the best player towards the end of the season. He is going to be somewhat off the radar with other running backs at the top of the game right now, and my boy McCaffrey will be a little bit busier with defenses this year. 

The Jets night not have the best offensively line in the league, but they do have QB Sam Darnold, and he fill finds a way to get he ball to Bell. Whether it is a draw, play action, or lining up in the slot, Bell will be utilized greatly under Head Coach Adam Gates.

I got McCaffrey as my no. 2 pick or running back, he still is one of the most dangerous players in the draft. 

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  1. I would have to say that Barkley is currently the undisputed #1 choice in this year’s fantasy draft. He is one of the last remaining bell cows in the NFL and the Giants don’t offer much else in way of offense. While I like Elliott in terms of production, the contract situation scares me just enough to put him second. I didn’t see any mention of Alvin Kamara on your list and I believe he should definitely be considered a top 4 selection…especially in ppr leagues. McCaffrey also bears merit for top 5 status. As far as Gurley and Bell, Todd’s knee is a mess and he will definitely see a drop in playing time as the season wears on. Le’Veon has been out of football for over a year and will take some time to gel with his new oline. He could surprise down the stretch. I have those 2 RBs listed in the late 1st or early 2nd rounds. Just my two cents. Cheers!

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    • Wow man thank you so much for commenting, this is great feedback. Your analysis is perfect, can totally see Bell being rusty for parts of the season, while Barkley will be an absolute wrecking ball. You are right tho, Bell is also gonna be on a new team, so who knows how long it will take him to mesh with his new personnel. I appreciate the comment, and depth! I am also glad you mentioned Kamara, for he is my no. 4 pick out of the top five running backs. I was going to put him in our next article!

      What you think of McCaffrey?


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