Time to melt your face off. 

Transplants Brewing has beer fans tripping with the overload of pine, and tropical fruit, in their fascinating West Coast Double IPA called, “Melting Faces.”

Melting Faces IPA is one fantastic IPA, in which I stumbled upon actually around two, three years ago. This beer is extremely smooth for a double, with an 8.8% ABV, you might just be on a trip. 

This is another Transplants creation that grabbed my attention, and brought me to this wonderful brewery. 

I had the Melting Faces on draft at the brewery on Monday night, and it was incredible! This was a batch was definitely brewed with love, for this IPA never tasted better. 

Melting Faces on draft at Transplants, Palmdale, CA.

Transplants does a lot of fun things with their beer. They always revisit one of their brews, and totally make it into something else – like adding cherry flavors, and cocoa nibs, giving it a completely different profile. 

Another great beer I tried at this brewery is called, “Banter”. Banter is a Witbier style beer, and includes lemons, Chamomile flowers, and coriander.  

Banter has a great fruity, lemon taste to it. It is a great, light beer to sip during the summer afternoon. 

This unique beer was a collaboration with brewers: Andrew Obeso and Ray de Santiago, as well as Transplants. 

Transplants will always have been a house favorite here, for me at least,  and it should be yours as well! Check them out. 

Artwork by BL Singleton, Art Director at Transplants Brewery.

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