Icons, champions, and now legends. 

The United States Women’s National Team have won back-to-back World Cup titles, elevating themselves as one of the top dynasties in not only soccer, but in all sports. These American ladies had a dominating performance all of the World Cup, inspiring the nation with the birth of a dynasty. 

The U.S. Women’s Team now have won their fourth World Cup championship, the most in FIFA Women’s World Cup history.

When the US won the World Cup on Sunday, it was more about than just the win. This marked the beginning of a new era, however it became a statement.

The USWNT left a legacy of respect, and desire, for the future of women’s soccer in the US.

All eyes were on the Americans, but the players didn’t seem to notice whatsoever as they continued to step up big all summer long. As defending World Cup champions, this 2019 USWNT didn’t have any ‘defend’ in their motto, for it was – attack, attack, and attack, some more. It certainly worked out well for them.

Two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champ herself, Julie Foudy, spoke on ESPN after the game about how special this 2019 USWNT team was. 

“They never backed down, they just kept their foot on the gas pedal,” said Foudy. “This team is truly an inspiration.” 

I can’t agree more with Foudy how impressive the USWNT’s aggressive approach was this World Cup. They were not trying to defend their title, they were trying to make a statement, and they truly did. 

The USWNT broke a World Cup record with scoring over 26 goals, showing how dominant their potent offense really is. This team’s goal differential against their opponents the past two World Cups are just ridiculous.

What an incredible dominant performance by this US Women’s Team, for they are one of the biggest inspirations in sports today. 

Congrats USA! 

Master of the moment, Megan Rapinoe†

Megan Rapinoe buries another penalty kick for the US, giving them a 1-0 lead against Netherlands. Photo from ABC news.

Megan Rapinoe has got ice in her veins, scoring another big time penalty kick for the US to give them the lead, 1-0 against Netherlands. It was the biggest moment of the World Cup, giving her team momentum that eventually lead to them winning the Final.

Rapinoe will end her career in a beloved fashion, for she did it her way, and she leaves that message with the team. This team really did it their own way, wether it was Rapinoe’s comments, or Alex Morgan’s tea cup celebration, this USWNT did not shy away from anything.

Rose Lavelle is the best player of the World Cup

Rose Lavelle sealed the game with an incredible goal, making it 2-0 against the Netherlands. Photo from USA Today, Francisco Seco, AP.

Rose Lavelle is the future of this 2019 USWNT, and certainly showed it this World Cup. Wether she made the big goal, or big play, Lavelle has made her mark all over the pitch.

Lavelle, 24, could be the new captain for this team coming forward.

The US has not had a midfielder like Lavelle in years, a player who can break down a defense, and get through the middle past two, three players. Her ball handling, and shot making ability is superb; her goal against Netherlands was just ice cold.

Lavelle will certainly be the new fan favorite, for she is certainly mine. GO USA!

Featured Image: from ABC30 Fresno, creator – Alessandra Tarantino, Associated Press.

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