Joey Chestnut has over a dozen wins at Coney Island, staying at the top of the mountain for competitive eating. 

Chestnut devoured 71 hot dogs and buns, to win the men’s division of the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest Thursday. He again won the Mustard Belt, beating 17 opponents, including 2015 winner Matt Stonie. 

The hot dog eating champion started the contest with an incredible, impossible pace of 90 in ten minutes. Chestnut finished with 71, over 20 hot dogs ahead of second place. 

Joey Chestnut was disappointed in his effort in regards to not breaking his record last year with 74 hot dogs, but of course was happy to win. 

Announcers described Chesnutt like he was not human. “He’s just out of he ordinary,” he said. “Like nothing you ever seen before”. n

The broadcasters also touched on Chestnut and his will to win. “There is no secret; I love to eat, and love to win, so I push my body to another level,” says Chestnut. 

Joey Chesnutt is definitely something that we have never seen before, to do something insane like that -71, 74 hot dogs. He is the Michael Jordan of competitive eating, but his greatness is just on another level. 

How many hot dogs can you eat in ten minutes? I’m done after like five. 

Featured Image: Ethan from Manhattan, USA [CC BY 2.0 ( Chestnut is the G.O.A.T.

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