The Tale of Two Burroughs.

The Brooklyn Nets have made the headlines in Day 1 of free agency, acquiring one of the biggest stars – Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. It’s a tough day for New York Knicks fans; James Dolan and Knicks’ front office, whiffed, yet again. 

The Knicks simply let Durant slip out of their hands, as they will have to watch, and hear all the hype from a neighboring Brooklyn, just miles away.

The Nets are already the winners from free agency, and the Knicks, are clearly on the other side. Knicks fans are still recovering from the NBA Draft, missing out on the No. 1 pick, and now this. 

According to Stephen A. Smith, a NY native, the Nets have ‘stolen’ the New York from the New York Knicks.

“The Knicks failed to do what the Nets just did in free agency, in the past 50 years”, said Smith.   “It’s the fact that they lost out on KD, and Irving, to Brooklyn.” 

The Nets did lose their perennial point guard, D’Angelo Russell, to a sign-and-trade to the Golden State Warriors, but will make up for it with Irving. Getting DeAndre Jordan, from the Dallas Mavericks, is a huge plus for this talented Nets team. 

Kyrie Irving should be all smiles from here, for he, had a dramatic season last year with the Boston Celtics.
Photo by Erik Drost [CC BY 2.0 (

Kyrie Irving will have to carry the team next year, alongside with Jordan, while Kevin Durant recovers from injury. Nets fans are starting to salivate the day Durant returns, and when he teams up with Irving. 

Brooklyn is excited, and which they should be, but how far will they go next season without Durant? Durant could possibly be out for the entire 2019-2020 season, however, they are undoubtedly set up for the future. 

What’s next for the Knicks? How long is James Dolan and this putrid staff going to make Knicks fans wait for relevancy? 

I got Brooklyn Nets going to the NBA Finals, maybe not next season, but in 2020 with a healthy Durant. Book it; The Brooklyn Nets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers in the championship! 

Featured Image: Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images, extracted from

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