Chocolate Covered Beavr Nuts by BEAVR Homebrew Club, raises the bar for the peanut butter stouts out there, similar to the infamous Belching Beaver. This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to try this wonder creation at one of my favorite places – Transplants Brewery. 

Transplants Brewery in Palmdale, California.

Transplants had the Chocolate Covered Beavr Nuts on tap, but also on nitro. This was incredible, for the peanut butter stout was so smooth, yet rich, and delicious. 

Having nitro on tap makes every beer better in my perspective, or it is at least fun to try every once in a while. 

BEAVR’s peanut butter stout is nutty, but also balanced in ratio with chocolate and peanut butter. This bomb dessert has a good kick of 7.7% ABV, so don’t have too many servings. 

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