Kawhi Leonard commandeers the Toronto Raptors to the first lead change of the NBA Finals, going on a personal 10-0 run late in the 4th, only to be wiped away by a rookie coaching mistake.

Raptors’ Head Coach Nick Nurse calls timeout for the Golden State Warriors?

Nick Nurse calls a timeout late in the game, just after Leonard puts on an absolute clinic, destroying all the momentum for the Raptors.

It is like icing your ownkicker. Who ices their own kicker?

Nurse was asked about the timeout during the postgame press conference, and he pointed his motive due to a recent NBA rule in 2017.

Raptors coach explained that the team had two free timeouts, only to lose one in the final three minutes, due to the new NBA Rule. He thought it was a good time to give his team rest.


Rest is not an excuse for calling that timeout, at that situation, in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Maybe, if it was during regular season, then sure give your players some ‘rest’, (in that small duration of a timeout) but not the Finals.

I have respect for Nurse, and what he accomplished in his first season as head coach, but that timeout was huge rookie mistake. He will have to learn the hard way, that putting the gas pedal on your opponent is a must, in not only basketball, but in all sports.

The Raptors will have to start finding momentum back somehow, with taking advantage against a Warriors team without their superstar Kevin Durant.

It looks like the Warriors gambled with their decision to play Durant in Game 5, re-aggravating his injury early in the game. This was an extremely emotional point in the game, from fans cheering him off the court to condolences from Drake.

Shout out to KD, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Can the Raptors capture momentum back without Kevin Durant for the rest of the Finals?

Photo by Chensiyuan [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D

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