Get down and glittery with Revision Brewing’s fascinating, “Glitter Moon DIPA!”. Glitter Moon is another incredible creation from Revision, featuring a Northeast-style Hazy Double IPA that you will not be able to turn down.

Revision’s Glitter Moon includes Galaxy and Vic Secret hops from Australia, that exudes pineapple and passion fruit heavens while a solid chunk of oats in the grain bill makes for a smooth mouthful. This Double IPA is incredibly smooth, citrusy, and juicy – you won’t even be able to notice the 8.5% ABV.

This is definitely one of my favorite hazy IPAs by far; Revision brewing has several series of hazy creations like these, so do yourself a favor and check them out!

“Scrog Grog”, and “Hi-Juno”, are two of the hazy beers from Revision that I have tried, and really enjoy. Each of there creations vary exponentially, so it is fascinating to see what they keep on coming up with.

This brewery’s artwork alone will leave you standing there in awe, giving the eye curiosity on the possibilities of what could entail. I am now going to have to add Revision to my favorite breweries list.

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