Looking for another peanut butter stout? Lead Dog Brewing has got you covered.

The inviting aroma, and taste of the peanut butter, with hints of chocolate and vanilla, make this one delightful beer. Lead Dog retained reminisces of chocolate malt, and vanilla beans, from their original “Choconilla Stout.”

Now this is a peanut butter stout.

If you are a fan of chocolate, and certainly peanut butter, then this will be irresistible. I definitely would classify this one of my favorite peanut butter stouts, right behind Belching Beaver of course.

Lead Dog enhanced great amounts of peanut butter, and not too much chocolate, which makes it less heavy than the Belching Beaver. The taste of vanilla makes a great balance for this stout.

This delicious dessert will surprise you with a nice buzz, Lead Dog’s Peanut Butter Stout has an 6.6% ABV.

It’s kind of hard to find great peanut butter stouts, and this is definitely one of them. Check it out!

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