It was an incredible ambiance at the Banc of California Stadium on Sunday night, thousands wearing the black and gold, LAFC really felt like the heart of Los Angeles.

I was blessed to see a great game by the LAFC, defeating the Colorado Rapids 2-0. The home team dominated the game, controlling possession all game long and creating the most chances on goal.

I bought two tickets in the Field Club, so going into the game I knew I had pretty good seats, but not nearly as good as I anticipated.

When we first arrive, we of course are lost trying to find our seats, so I looked for the nearest employee at the stadium. Finding out where my seats were, was actually one of the best parts of my experience.

My girlfriend and I had to walk, basically to the “VIP” section downstairs, as we entered, little did I know that my tickets covered food and drinks. I was so confused, when they put a wrist band around my arm, asking myself, “what is going on”.

Before the game, we chowed down; enjoying everything from ribs to cookies, still awing over the buffet and lounge area. We thought the night couldn’t get any better, until we found out that drinks were also complimentary.

I looked at my girl and smiled, and then laughed with anticipation. It’s not often when you don’t spend an arm and a leg when you’re in LA.

The seats were incredible, right in the middle of the stadium – getting the best view of the field. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some aisle seats, so I can get up and leave whenever without annoying anyone.

I definitely recommend the first or last seats of the row…so you can be in peace after you break the seal.

The only thing I was displeased with was that, I missed Lee Nguyen’s stunning goal right at the beginning of the half; I was stocking up on beer…you know how it is. Luckily, I was granted a reprieve with Diego Rossi’s powerful goal at the 80th minute, sealing the game.

Rossi was the MVP in regards to LAFC’s win yesterday, his overall play and influence on game was awesome to see.

I went nuts when I saw my first goal at Banc of California Stadium, as did the crowd; It was really an amazing feeling, grabbing my girlfriend, shouting for excitement.

After the game, me and my lady went back to the lounge to hang out, and let traffic die down. Not only did I avoid traffic, but was able to get a picture with a couple of the LAFC players.

I couldn’t believe it, that Latif Blessing was generous enough to greet the fans in the lobby and sign autographs, as well as Christian Ramirez.

LAFC is more than just a new franchise, it is a new beginning. Sunday night, what I saw was more than just a game – it was a new culture.

The excitement and passion for soccer from the fans was truly inspiring, and humbling to see the game growing in LA.

A part of what makes sports so great, is that it brings people together. There are so many people with different ethnicities, backgrounds, but in the stadium we are all one.

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