It’s IPA season, which means there is every kind of pale ale possible right now, so do yourself a favor, and explore the Space Cake Double IPA.

Clown Shoes Brewing has made some interesting creations, and the Space Cake is certainly one of them. Clown Shoes applies a blend of citrusy Mosaic hops and an incredible West Coast style malt, giving this DIPA its signature sweet, cake-like taste.

The Space Cake overall soothing flavor makes it an easy beer to drink, especially for IPAs. It will definitely sneak up on you with its 9% ABV; remember it is a Double IPA after all.

If you are not a fan of malty beers, then this IPA is not for you. Sometimes with great taste, comes great malt.

I like this IPA because it is a sweet, but citrus at the same time. I think the balance is good overall with its malt quantity and mix of hops.

A strong, but smooth IPA…what more can you really ask for?

There are so many different kinds of pale ales nowadays, you can pretty much seek any creation you can think of. I could literally spend an hour perusing through all the different types of IPAs.

Shout out to Clown Shoes for their excellent brew quality and incredible artwork! I am a fan of this brewery and look forward to more projects from them – you definitely should too.

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