Bravery Brewing’s Blackberry DIPA, brewed with real blackberries, is the perfect kind of beer for spring, or summer. The citrus, added with a berry flavor, makes this one special Indian pale ale.

The nice, light red/purple color while poured, just screams out of blackberries!

Its unique color is reminiscent of its light and flavorful taste. This delicious Double Indian pale ale surprises you with the 7.5% ABV, having a solid buzz creep on you before you know it.

The blackberries certainly give the Blackberry DIPA slight amounts of tart/fruitiness, but also is accompanied with Amarillo and Centennial hops. The overall smooth palate, makes it an easy beer to have during the day.

Bravery’s innovative IPA sort of reminds of you an amber, mostly based on its presentation and overall taste.  The essence of the blackberries helps create the lack of bitterness, especially for a Double Indian pale ale, making it one of their juicier creations.

The Blackberry DIPA has a fruity aroma to it as well, expect bright notes of: citrus, melon and peaches. Bravery did a wonderful job creating a brew that, in a way, captures the aurora of spring.

The fresh blackberry puree, complemented with Pacific NW hops, makes fans want to try this unique IPA. You might end up finding yourself sticking around with blackberries all summer long!

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