This time of the year means everyone and their grandmother are presenting their mock version of the NFL Draft, however they vary dramatically in 2018.

The infamous Mel Kiper, Todd McShay normally have similar opinions in most cases, but their predictions this year tend to be very different.

It’s interesting to see all the various scenarios for just the top 10, based on the NFL experts and media. I don’t think anyone really knows exactly who’s going where in this draft.

There is one thing for certain this year, at least two, three (maybe four) quarterbacks could very easily be drafted in the top 10.

Mel Kiper unveiled his list of the top 4 quarterbacks that could be drafted in the first round, showing each different traits.

According to ESPN, Mel Kiper lists QB with:

  1. Best arm – Josh Allen

Compares with Matthew Stafford, and the arm strength of the former great pitcher Randy Johnson.

2. Best legs – Lamar Jackson

His accuracy is questionable, but the speed and athleticism are undeniable; Jackson’s explosiveness will translate
into the NFL effectively.

3. Best heart: Sam Darnold

He has great overall character, shows a lot of adversity and performs very well under-duress.

4. Best mind: Josh Rosen

I agree with experts that he is certainly a NFL QB, and his ‘Tom Brady-like’ approach make him ready for the professional level.

There is a lot that goes into this year’s draft, A LOT.

From cornerbacks to linebackers, and all the way to guards, experts range defensive players all over the place in the first round. A big favorite on defense is Denzel Ward, Ohio State CB, who is projected to be in the top 10.

Ward is the essential proto-type of a NFL cornerback, standing at 5’11″ and 191 lbs., his speed/ability will translate in the league.

There are so many scenarios for defensive players, especially top prospects LB Roquan Smith and G Quenton Nelson, who are both also believed to be taken in the first round. Nelson might go in the top 5, according to NFL scouts.

Smith is another question though, while he is a top 10 talent, he might drop slightly depending on how the QB situation plays out.

Thinking about the first round, who is going where is starting to make my head spin. So I’m going to make this quick, here’s the top ten of my NFL Mock Draft:

1. Sam Darnold

His overall character and ability to have adversity at all times makes him the perfect candidate to lead the Browns.

2. Saquon Barkley

While everyone thinks the Giants are drafting Bradley Chubb, New York address their running back issue and takes the best
player in the draft.

3. Josh Rosen

A few weeks ago Josh Rosen and the New York Jets seemed a sure-thing, I’m going to remind everyone that it will remain the

4. Bradley Chubb

The Browns lock down Chubb with no. 4 overall, giving more balance to the defense.

5. Josh Allen

The Bills go sell their soul with trading two first round picks and a fifth rounder to Denver Broncos for the fifth overall.

6. Quenton Nelson

Put the trade rumors with the Miami Dolphins aside, the Colts add the best guard in the draft to help protect Andrew Luck.

7. Derwin James

James is one of the most physical defensive backs who can make an impact right away, but might be traded back based on the
QB scenario.

8. Denzel Ward

Bears spent a lot of money on offense this offseason, it’s time for them to lock down the best CB in the draft to balance
out their defense.

9. Tremaine Edmunds

49ers need speed and ability on there defense, Edmunds will address that.

10.  Roquan Smith

Raiders will take the other top linebacker in the draft, if Ward doesn’t fall to no. 10.

This is going to be one hell of a draft.

Photo by RalphTheCorndog [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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