Dudes’ Blood Orange Amber Ale is one special fruit style beer, featuring taste buds of a cream and brown ale, presenting a version of a ‘Creamsicle’.

The Blood Orange has the body, color of a brown ale with hints of cocoa, but followed with vanilla, hence the identity of the cream ale. Dudes’ interesting mix of citrus and chocolate, certainly make this a unique amber.

Who would have thought that an amber would be a good substitute for a brown ale?

This is a great beer to drink during the day (or night), because it is still very light at 6.5 percent alcohol. The Blood Orange is a great representation of Dudes’ versatility and how they mix, experiment with their brewing projects.

Dudes’ brewery has a respective variety in their brew, and with over 24 on tap, you will find some interesting creations. My other favorites are the Orange Julius IPA, Grandma’s Pecan Brown, and the Dudes’- Quick Milk Stout.

If you’re in the mood for a brew that’s in between a good amber/brown, then this is the beer for you!

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