San Fernando Brewing is another home favorite brewery for those SFV locals, especially when traveling from Sylmar to Van Nuys, and is close to my suburb city Santa Clarita. This brewery has a great location in the valley, it is very accessible, and is well known throughout the LA county.

This San Fernando brewery has an all around great reputation because of their beer, staff/ownership, and atmosphere.

I definitely am a fan of their beers, especially some of the featured brew: O’ Melveny Red Ale, Stoney Point Stout, and the Wolfskill IPA. They also have seasonal taps, which included one of my all time favorites – The Cucumber Ale, literally the most refreshing ale that summer.

Since I have been away, I have missed some of the interesting and tasty projects like San Fernando’s latest release, “Candy Cane Stout”, over the Christmas holidays, and their “RED-TRO”, their beloved O’ Melveny Red Ale, now featured on nitro. I wish I was there to try both of these, for they sound delicious, which reminds me of my go to – Stoney Point Stout.

The Stoney Point Stout is a tasty, roasted American style stout with chocolate and coffee aroma. It is very smooth, with a mellow 5% ABV for a stout, it’s easy to drink.

The staff and ownership is pretty good at this brewery; they are can be very friendly, and of course knowledgeable in their craft. You see the bartenders take some care and interest into what the guest wants, and how they like the brew.

SF Brewing gets pretty full, and busy especially on a Friday night, but the staff are fast as well as helpful, so guests aren’t waiting too long. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance of giving great service as well as efficient, in which they seem to do a good job.

This is a fun atmosphere to be in if your in the valley, and if your not trying to go all the way down to heart of LA. Friday nights especially, I have had fun with my friends, and was able to meet some cool new people.

Come check out San Fernando Brewing if your an LA native, and definitely if your near the SFV.

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