Everything began to start looking downhill for the Patriots after their Super Bowl loss, just until New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels shocked the league with rejecting the Indianapolis Colts head-coaching job – revitalizing this team as the NFL’s Supervillains.

There is no news of any other coaching moves within the Patriots’ organization, as well as roster changes (especially the quarterback position). With a sense of momentum change and inspiration, it does looks like however there might be a chance Tom Brady and Bill Belichick give it one more shot.

McDaniels, along side with defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, had already made their intentions on leaving the team prior to the championship. While the Patriots might attempt to possibly clean house with all of the coaching and roster changes, McDaniels shocks the organization with the news of his return for the 2018-2019 season.

The surprising and yet bold move to not accept the head-coaching job, sent shockwaves throughout the league. Not only does it raise questions concerning the Colts’ organization, but also makes people wonder what his real motivation is for returning to New England.

It looks like the Patriots’ offensive coordinator will help keep up the well-oiled machine that Patricia and Head Coach Bill Belichick built since 2004.

This bold move from McDaniels just give a ton of momentum back to the Patriots, trying to help bring them back from the dead after losing Super Bowl LII. New England fans are still getting over Sunday (and maybe never will), but they have to be somewhat happy there could be a chance that the dynasty will return another season.

While I am not a fan of the Patriots, I do respect McDaniels’ move – even though it might be more of a personal matter rather than doing it for the Patriots.

Sometimes when we make decisions in life that we end up changing, is a result of convincing ourselves rather than actually wanting ourselves to commit to that decision. I think this is one of those cases, and for McDaniels, I don’t really think he wanted to leave New England in the first place.

The 2018 NFL offseason will be interesting of course for the Patriots, but the question will be how interesting. The Pats’ summer looks a bit brighter though with the sense that the empire may strike again one more season with McDaniels’ return.

Photo by Brian Allen for Voice of America [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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