Milk Stouts are the equivalence to Halloween’s Crunch or Butterfingers, for they are the candy of the Beer world with there signature sweet, chocolate taste.

Since it’s October, and today is Halloween, it’s accepting to let that sweet tooth out. Tis’ the season of Dark Beer!

While not all of the dark beers are sweet, it is generally believed to hint of somewhat of a cocoa, coffee-like aftertaste – wether it’s a stout or a porter.

I think that many people out there are missing out on incredible beers like milk stouts, partially because their still stuck on the IPA bandwagon. There are not many beers that can give you a sweet, decadent taste like Knee Deep Brewing’s Stoutello.

This chocolatey, hazelnut milk stout is reminiscent of the “Filbert”, from Transplants Brewing (One of my favorite beers ever), replacing the ale nut for a milk body. Incredible!

Stoutello will keep you mellow with a 6.0% ABV, the sugary and roasty flavor will keep you distracted while your getting buzzed. Don’t drink too fast!

Its time to grab a sweet stout to get you in the mood for Halloween!

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