Ride the wave of the Hammerland DIPA

El Segundo Brewing’s ridiculously smooth “Hammerland DIPA”, hits you with flavor right away: bright, clean, crisp followed with a blueberry finish, exactly what you would imagine out of the Mosaic, Simcoe hops.

What more do u want from a Double IPA?

The surf cover gives you an idea of how fresh the beer can be, reminding you of it’s smoothness. The Hammerland simply invites anyone (IPA fan or not) to consume this DIPA, especially on a hot, sunny day.

Well summertime is still here, so there is plenty of time to catch some waves guys.

Most of time when people see “IPA”, they automatically associate it with being extremely bitter, especially a Double IPA. But that is not the case with the Hammerland, definitely not.

Once consumed, you are immediately distracted from the proverbial bitterness that is the IPA because of the overall, great taste. The crazy combination of flavor, smoothness, and hops helps makes this a universal beer to try, especially for those folks who aren’t down for IPAs.

It’s time to take a deep dive into the Hammerland DIPA and ride the wave to flavortown!


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Aspiring sports journalist, CSUN undergraduate majoring in Broadcast Journalism. LA Native, 23 years old. I'm absolutely crazy about sports, and would say it is definitely my passion. I played soccer all my life, and football at Hart High. I hope one day to continue my football dreams as a professional kicker, either CFL, Arena Football, and maybe one day the NFL.

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