The nation is witnessing eye astonishing numbers from Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and now the MLB itself, as the league is on pace to hit over 6,000 home runs this season – the most in history of the majors.

If you’re a huge fan of America’s favorite past time, then what a fun to be alive – unless you’re the “old school, low ERA kind of guy”. *Rolls eyes *

The MLB hitters already broke the record for having most home runs in one month this past June, setting the season record is starting to look like the real deal.

I don’t necessarily this should be alarming, rather I think it should be celebrated. From the perspective of a progressing fan, not obsessing over it yet, gives me more of an incentive to watch this sport.

Perhaps, more excitement necessarily isn’t a bad thing. The Florida Marlins’ outfielder Giancarlo Stanton is break ing baseballs, records to pieces after recording home runs for six consecutive games, leading the National League with 44 overall – which is the most in a single-season in team history. According to the MLB Network, Stanton’s August surge consists of an incredible .368 AVG, 8 HR, and a 16 RBI.

Stanton is on FIRE.

Right now the Marlins’ are getting their money worth with Stanton, and maybe now even something more like value in market, through all the recent trade rumors. Trade rumors or not, it will not be that easy to let go a franchise player like Stanton.

Remember this is the guy who signed the largest contract in not only baseball, but all of sports in North America, according to ESPN. Stanton signed this $325M mega deal just three years ago, eligible to be dealt with in August based on the opt out of his contract after six seasons.

It is definitely hard to see him in another jersey next season. According to sources, if Stanton opts out of his contract after the first six seasons, he will be leaving $218 million on the table over the final seven seasons of his contract.

That would be a lot of money lost.

Yankees slugger, Aaron Judge, is dramatically cooling down after his hot start at the first half of the season, but still tops the AL home run leaders with 37. Even though he just broke a daunting record: 33 consecutive games with a strikeout in a single-season, Judge was still able to awe the nation that game, after clobbering a 457-foot home run into third deck of Citi Field.

Judge is trending down right now, to say the least, but still have confidence he will be in the MVP conversation heading into October. He is still a phenomenon, and a must-watch.

You know who else is on fire this season?

Dodgers’ rookie, Cody Bellinger, is also showing jaw dropping statistics this season. Bellinger, just at 22 years old, has recorded over 35 home runs this season.

His incredible .654 slugger Avg. the past 7 games proves he’s another prodigy, catching fire and too is a must-see. Bellinger gives the Dodgers’ depth and certainly makes them even more of a scary team to face in the playoffs.

Will the Dodgers finally be able to reach their full-potential, and become a World Series team?

Photo by d-deee (Giancarlo “Mike” Stanton (FLA) and Gerald Laird) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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