The Blood Orange Motra by Santa Maria Brewing Company has to be one of the most unique IPAs I have ever experienced, at least my beer palate says so.

The extreme amount of orange peel in the Motra is what it makes it so unique, the great citrus flavor makes this one smooth IPA. The Motra is smooth, but also features a blend of mosaic hops, followed with the slight bitterness of an IPA.

Describing the IPA, myself, makes me want to drink the beer, and you should too (even if you don’t like orange, citrus beers).

I dig on the Motra because of the overall smoothness for an IPA, but also the variety of tastes mentioned earlier. It’s not everyday you see an IPA that’s a fusion of: orange, hops, and flavor.

I am impressed with this Motra because it has that orange, tangerine flavor without having a great amount of wheat. I also like that the Motra is not only flavorful, but strong (7.4% ABV).

If you are afraid by the orange, citrus extremity, then maybe this beer isn’t for you. I have gotten mixed reviews from friends and coworkers, but that is going to be the general reaction from the flavor of citrus, orange brews.

We are featuring this delicious IPA at my work, and thought it was funny that I saw last night at MJ’s Tap House Grill – so this beer is starting to get well known, along with the brewing company.

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