Amidst all the trade rumors, with just one week away from the NBA Trade Deadline, the Boston Celtics appear to be the most likely candidate to suede Carmelo Anthony away from New York. Anthony’s decision to waive his no-trade clause might seem unlikely, but not impossible.

With the recent discord between GM Phil Jackson and Anthony, it appears the works of trade could be very possible. While the New York Knicks have made it clear that they have proposed a proposition for a move, Carmelo is still certain he will be in New York after the trade deadline.

If not now, when?

While Phil Jackson is giving signals that he is ready to move on from Carmelo with recent comments/criticism, the truth is that he would need something noteworthy in return for his star player. It is much more likely to see a Carmelo trade this offseason, rather than the All-Star break.

The Knicks have reportedly reached out to the Cavs and Clippers, but failed to reach any kind of frameworks for a deal. The Knicks would need a Kevin Love, Blake Griffin caliber of a player in replacement for Melo’.

Jackson has made it evident that does not have much of a filter, making his “comments” about current or former players public. In the past, he has criticized Kobe Bryant – which didn’t go over well with Lakers Nation, Phil seems to be comfortable critiquing whom he wants.

Having a high stature in not only sports, but life in general, can give you a certain confidence, or comfort to do express your desires. When you have more championship rings to put on all of your fingers, there can be a tendency to be a bit big-headed.

Jackson’s tendency to speak out and his reputation in New York is yet a different matter, but the animosity growing in the Knicks’s organization just keeps Anthony questioning.

The quiet stare down that is with Carmelo and the Knicks, creates a toxic situation for fans and players. There is the feeling that they will just get this trade in the works to finally lift the dark cloud that is hanging over New York York.

It’s only a matter of time whether Carmelo Anthony will be traded.

Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr: Carmelo Anthony, Bradley Beal) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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