In waking the harsh reality that the business world really is, Dwayne Wade’s announcement to sign a 2-yr/$47M deal with the Bulls reeks anything but that, instead it resulted in an earthquake of dark emotions and feelings of hysteria. South Florida’s most beloved superstar stunning departure not only left his fan base in shock, but with heartache; Miami’s “Flash” wasn’t meant to end his legacy in this fashion.

Just when the NBA world thought it was hit with the most stunning, shocking trade of the 2016 free agency, Wade hit South Florida like a hurricane when he announced he was going to sign with the Chicago Bulls.

Is it just about the money? The business world is, definitely is – the business world is a just a money, hungry machine that keeps demanding and keeps emotions to the side no matter how big of the situation.

This 2016 NBA Free Agency was a money machine, having some of the biggest contracts the NBA has ever had – DeMar DeRozan 5-yr/$153M (max), Al Horford 4-yr/$113M (max), Bradley Beal 5-yr/$128M, Nicolas Batum 5-yr/$120M, Andre Drummod 5-yr/130M, etc., according to  This money filled, free agency frenzy reflects the reality of the business world of the NBA, however, Miami’s free agency situation with Wade is different.

After 13 years with the being in the same franchise, free agency means more than just business for Dwayne Wade and the Heat.

In the many instances where players are well deserved of seeking max contracts, and the overall nod for them getting the paid to their fullest potential, this is does not apply to situation with D-Wade. Dwayne Wade had a passionate, Kobe-like legacy in Miami; his career with the Heat: 20,221 points, 4,944 assists, and 1,414 steals, is the most in franchise history.

How can Dwayne Wade leave such a legacy and fan base behind him?

No one really know but his inner circle of friends and family, possibly the notion of returning home where he was born, in Chicago, or possibly to get paid what he really deserves. For some to think he would let a $7 million difference between Miami and Chicago’s offer be the deciding factor will be hard to fathom.

After Miami got over the tough notion of having one of there superstars leaving, LeBron James, having the face of the franchise leave within  a flash – will be virtually impossible to get over.

Photo by Keith Allison (originally posted to Flickr as 187) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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