3rd time’s a charm, 4th time’s a dynasty; The Pittsburgh Penguins legitimized themselves Sunday as one the greatest NHL teams in history with capturing their fourth overall Stanley Cup title.

The Pittsburgh Penguins reiterated themselves as a legendary franchise history with yet another Stanley Cup title, and their historic win over the San Jose Sharks highlights there MVP as one of all-time greats in NHL history. It was only fitting that the team’s captain Sidney Crosby, took home the Conn Smythe Sunday night for his MVP effort these NHL playoffs.

Sidney Crosby assures himself as one the greatest to not only wear a Pittsburgh Penguin jersey, but one of the best players of NHL all-time.

ESPN’s hockey personalities Barry Melrose and Stan Levy, was first to interview the NHL star on winning his second Stanley Cup title in seven years.

“I think you appreciate it more, having gone through some of the things we did,” said Crosby. “Coming up short a few of times, when you’re in it back to back years, and while your young…you think it’s going to be an annual thing…and it’s not easy.”

Crosby, 28, is in the prime of in his career. The NHL All-Star’s recent Stanley Cup seamlessly adds to his legacy, and justifies himself as one of the greatest to NHL forwards of all time.

This a picture perfect scenario in Pittsburgh, for the team has a great opportunity to continue a potential dynasty.

After dealing with many questions on injuries, coaching changes, and scraping through just to make playoffs, Pittsburgh Penguins’ ceiling seems higher than ever. The future of the franchise seems to be in great hands with All-Star players like Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang to surround there MVP.

This talented Penguin squad is extremely versatile; surrounded youth and veterans, the team could be a threat for years.

After winning his second title, and numerous amount of scoring goals, you could imagine Crosby could be mentioned with some of the greats, even Gretsky himself; for Crosby too is a scoring machine. Though he didn’t score in the Stanley Cup Finals, Crosby contributed to the team with four assists. The impact Crosby has for his team is similar to the influence Gretsky had for his Kings, Oilers, the inspiration is untimely and interchangeable.

Crosby had scored 36 goals this season, around his average; overall he has had a whopping 338 in his entire career. The impressive numbers Crosby possess in just his prime, is intimidating for opponents in the league.

It will be intriguing to see if the Pens can keep up their championship play next season, reflecting Crosby’s statement, “it is almost impossible to win every year in this league.”

I dedicate this blog to my old friend, the biggest Pittsburgh fan I know, Sean Smalstig. R.I.P.

Photo By Andy from Pittsburgh, United States (hoisting the cup) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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