Reflecting a possible major concern to UFC, Conor McGregor’s viewpoint on his power and influence to the sport repeals UFC President Dana White’s decision to pull the feather weight champion from UFC 200.

Early this morning, McGregor had announced his arrival back to UFC 200 via twitter, one of many athletes who broadcast from there social media news feed. While fans, including myself believe that his “early retirement” just weeks ago, left us questioning on the validity of his statement, and intentions of actually leaving the game.

White had pulled the Irish mixed martial artist from a scheduled rematch with Nate Diaz nearly a week ago, shortly after McGregor tweeted out that he was planning to retire. While the timing of his announcement to retire and the suspension from UFC 200 coincided, White mentioned the suspension was due to missing promotional obligations in Las Vegas.

After recent support from UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald via his twitter feed Saturday, in regards to the UFC’s decision on McGregor, White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta had realized that the sport had needed McGregor.

After hearing analysis from Brett Okamoto, and other ESPN Staff Writers, I had grown even more suspicious of the fighter’s sudden leave because he is one of the sports’ modern day icons, and the fighter has so much to fight for, according to Okamoto.  With so much left awaiting for the young fighter, including endorsements, contracts, and of course millions, is enough motivation to remain in the blood-shed sport.

Jeff Martin, a friend, and MMA fighter had introduced me to the UFC star years ago, and told me early on that McGregor was going to be the face of UFC. I had become a fan early on, whether it was his ‘mystic’ abilities, his 13 second Jose Aldo KO, or his lively image, I had become interested more in the sport.

The UFC’s quick resolution with McGregor will help the sport greatly as the icon is back in the UFC 200.

Photo By Andrius Petrucenia (UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015) [CC BY-SA 2.0],via Wikimedia Commons

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