Behind Geno Auriemma’s legacy, the Huskies glorify women’s basketball by having one of the biggest measures of dominance in all of sports. The school’s dominance is better for women’s basketball because their overwhelming tenacity and incredible passion is so alluring, it brings out the best in the sport.

The supremacy calls attention to us men who are sports fanatics but don’t often watch women’s basketball. In my defense, I haven’t been a college basketball fan in general, until recently becoming intrigued by March Madness a few years ago. Watching a sport being played the best that it can possibly be, its hard to ignore any kind of game for that matter.

Connecticut’s illustrious ball-play makes it hard to disregard their success and ends up influencing the viewers to watch the surrounding competition. The legacy really is a positive aspect to the sport because it certainly gains respect, and as a result, it sparks interest.

The Huskies dominance is alluring, so alluring, it catches guys like me – who hardly watches the sport – finding themselves on the couch watching the entire game. Whether they are up by 20 or just by a bucket, one can admit it, UConn women’s basketball is a must-see. Watching the sport being played its highest level is enough reason to watch.

We’ve never heard anything about Michael Jordan and how his six-year championship run with the Bulls was “killing the game”. So why should we label that or have such mentality for the Huskies and women’s basketball?

UConn is advancing women’s basketball because they are simply raising the bar. There dominance is so blatant, the team cannot be ignored when preparing for them, which will help influence the rest of the nation to “catch up” with the Huskies.

Traditionally the audience is accustomed to seeing the Women’s Final. Four include schools like Tennessee, Stanford, Georgia, Notre Dame, Maryland, and Baylor other than Connecticut. UConn incredibly has made NCAA Tournament appearances every season since 1989. If anything, the lack of parody will force other schools to be more aggressive in there recruiting and pursuing post-season success.

Having not lost in 15 months, how can one not respect that?

The Huskies only know how to play at the highest level, which should be rewarded rather than be looked at negatively. Being incomprehensibly better than the competition, how can one fault the women’s success rather than recognize it as greatness…

The dominant team has had several McDonald’s High School All Americans, in which the head coach and his staff have brilliantly recruited since his incredible tenure at Connecticut in 1985. Consistently playing the game at the highest level, recruiting at the highest level, and coaching at the highest level – UConn clearly is ahead of the nation. Whether you’re a fan of the dominance or not, one must at least respect the Huskies’ incredible chemistry, passion, and respect for one another.

Another reason to watch the Huskies is because they have iconic players like Breanna Stewart on there roster. Breanna Stewart is on par to set her compelling goal of winning four championships, and she’s also on pace to be the first college player to win the Final Four Most Outstanding Player award for the fourth time.

Like the team in general, Stewart is a must-see.

Blocking shots, making threes, posting up, and fluid assists – she can do anything, and is also another reason why I became so intrigued in watching this team. She is 34 points behind Diana Tuarasi, for having the most career points in the history of Women’s NCAA Tournament. Behind Stewart, along with senior guard Moriah Jefferson and star forward Morgan Tuck, The Huskies are on there way to winning the national championship the fourth year in a row.

Here’s a crazy number to think about. Under Geno Auriemma, his prestigious team is 120-1 overall in the last 121 games.

Yeah, 120-1.

That’s just an insane measure by any sport right? People if anything, will respect the head coach for recognizing his success as possibly being the all-time winning head coach in the history of sports, as he has led UConn to ten national titles – something only the legendary John Wooden has accomplished.

With the Huskies’ incredible hot streak and dynasty on the line, Connecticut looks to once again take over women’s basketball by storm. Enjoy the dominance while you can because we may never see a dynasty like this in sports again.

Photo By Sphilbrick (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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