MMA fighter Jeff Martin gives the lowdown on the trauma
that comes with the blood–shed sport and reasons why it is still one of the
fastest growing sports in the world.

“What do people like about MMA?” Martin asked. I paused but then
quickly replied, “That it’s physical,” as he simultaneously countered with “dangerous.”

Making a comeback to the violent sport, in which he engaged in for so many years, Martin first mentioned his first concern was the aspect of injury and health. Competing in soccer, football, and fighting the all-around athlete says you must be not only in shape but you have to
somewhat balanced to be a great competitor.

Shedding more light in the positive aspect of the sport, Martin reasoned there are other factors that make MMA so enticing besides the risk.

Referring back to his emphasis of having balance, Martin also mentions that the uniqueness of the sport makes it so fascinating. He mentions that not only is it extremely physical, but it is also mentally

“You have to be mentally strong,” said Martin. “It is actually more
important to be mentally strong than physically strong in most cases.”

Mentally strong, that makes sense. Can you imagine every
time someone asks you, how was work?  It’s almost like replying, “oh you know, just fighting for my life. Another day at the office.” Yeah, right

Amazing to see how viewers almost just expect fighters to employ the “mental make-up” to ignore negative thoughts that come with risk of the sport.

The mental challenge of fighting apprehensions of serious
injury or even death can ruin some athletes’ careers. Whether it is suffering an
injury or a tough loss, some fighters find it hardest to go through the obstacle
of being mentally motivated.

The injuries have something do with the mental aspect of the
sport,” said Martin. “It can take you out of your mental strength, you could easily go depressed after having a serious injury like breaking your jaw or something.”

Speaking of mental breakdown, the MMA fighter points out
a great example – look at what’s going on with Ronda Rousey, and all her insecurities
suffering from her first knockout to Holly Helm.

In one of the most physically demanding tasks in sports or
any profession period, MMA fighter’s first and important concern is what the
injuries have on the mental game.

Why is MMA becoming so big even with such high chance of

“It hasn’t done it yet, but professional fighting like MMA and UFC is on pace to take over the nations’ popularity on sports like soccer, basketball, and maybe even one day level with football,” said Martin.

Even with the gruesome violence the nation still finds the
sport to be enticing and everything more.

The professional fighter explains that in becoming successful in sports like MMA, one must have a successful mentality.  Having this mentality reflects the fighter’s hard work ethics, Martin mentions the goal is to simply “out-work everybody to everything.”

Close friend and all-around athlete, explained how truly successful people embrace the possibility of failure and focuses on themselves in reminder that everything
is going to be “50 – 50″ in life.

What are your options? You either win or you
lose, you succeed or fail.

“With the more times you put yourself in certain situations or oppurtunities,
50 percent of the time your going to win; so if you do it 100 times, then
you have 50 wins,” said Martin. “Having such a mental aspect is huge not only
in sports, but also life in general.”

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