DENVER – Legendary quarterback finally makes his decision to retire in the NFL, Manning closes the curtain before any chances of encore.

With many to believe that his decision of retirement was coming, front office of Broncos grew extremely anxious in planning around such circumstances. The tough challenge of finding a way to balance a level of respect to Manning’s long awaited decision and planning the future of the team was almost chaotic to Denver.

The questions are answered as Manning’s announcement planning to retire couldn’t have happened at a better time to the Broncos. With free agency set to explode tomorrow with a great deal of un-official agreements, John Elway and front staff can now aggressively pursue the young prospect Brock Osweiler.

Based on the blessed size of the quarterback and last years success as a starter going 5-2 into the playoffs, Osweiler has caught many eyes from teams in the NFL and will seek a lot of attention during free agency. Now that Denver has respectfully given time for Peyton to make his decision to retire, the era of Osweiler shall now begin.

Broncos believe that he will be there starter for 2016 and plans to eventually franchise the him.. Manning standing tall at 6’5’’, Osweiler will even be able to see the defensive personal three more inches taller..

Having Manning-like characteristics, Osweiler has had a positive reputation for being a smart quarter back absolutely mastering the playbook and film. The combination of a talented, smart and sized quarterback is an optimistic future for Broncos’ offense.

Now that Manning has saved the team a great deal of cap space, Broncos plan to make moves to keep there Super Bowl roster.

Often times after winning a championship in sports,, the glorification after winning becomes too desirable. Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle vs Denver, was a complete domination making the world believe that the winners would become a dynasty.

Though showing the success of reaching another Super Bowl, Seahawks not only lost to the Super Bowl possible clinching dynasty- but also a few players. Losing pro bowl player Max Unger, Golden Tate, Byron Maxwell, Malcolm Smith, and James Carpenter.

Hanging on to that high of winning the Super Bowl XLVIII, players almost loss the desire to remain with with their championship or think about a possible dynasty while not going overboard with off-season deals, raises.

Avoiding a Super Bowl hangover, Broncos hope to balance there offense as well as there dominating defense by making quick and smart move of offering three-year deal with Osweiler worth over 45 million. Getting a deal done with the teams future quarterback, the Mile High City is optimistic they will not only be dominating force next season but years to come.

Wether you’re a Broncos fan or not, it will be intriguing to see the development of the Broncos’ attack behind Osweiler next season.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall [CC BY 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons


Photo By Jeffrey Beall (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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