While most of the nation is classifying this time of the year to be a “sports lul”, the post-super bowl frenzy happening in Denver is anything but a lul to the Broncos.

The clock is ticking for the front office of the Denver Broncos – they are deciding how to solve the cap space puzzle, as they are caught up with the legacy behind Peyton Manning and his decision to remain with the team.

Denver is certainly anxious about making huge personal decisions these approaching weeks.

Offseason moves are in a frenzy with Broncos’ GM John Elway giving Peyton the nod to take a much time as he wants until March 8th, which guarantees his outstanding 19$ million salary of 2016.

While the grass is green, the sun is out and birds are chirping in the house of the Manning’s, Broncos front office is in a yet quiet, but utter chaos.

Hopes on capitalizing success from last season and sustaining their Super Bowl roster, the front office for Denver is doing everything they can to come up with “plan a, b and c” to establish a possible dynasty surrounding Peyton’s decision.

Coming off a dominating performance, Denver’s Super Bowl defense is going to seek a great deal of attention from the front office as other teams will be looking to match some offers to that talented personal.

Just placing franchise tag on Super Bowl MVP LB Von Miller this morning, Broncos’ staff is already looking to make moves this offseason that will help validate there chance to repeat potential success from last season.

With the free agency about to explode within a week, a lot of attention will be focused on the young, upcoming prospect QB Brock Osweiler. Pressured by the open market, the Broncos hope to make a deal with their talented back up QB shortly after Manning makes his announcement to retire.

Many questions are coming into play for upcoming contracts and free agency candidates for Denver. The front office is hoping that Peyton will simply make his likely announcement to retire within the next few days so they could create a short window to clear cap space to sign Osweiler.

While the legendary Manning has respect from peers and his teammates, the overall performance from last season was an expression of “old man time”

Peyton Manning is going to be argued as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, but the latest decline in his performance last couple seasons is not going unnoticed.

Starting off the 2015-2016 season with a hot start, things sporadically changed during the second half of the season after benching Peyton from his mid-season struggles. Broncos were at an all time high starting last season 6-0 until questions started to arise just three games after Manning’s record setting struggles.

The decision to bench Manning seemed almost absurd at the time of season for many people including fans of Denver and became a big controversy in the league. Ironically, head coach Gary Kubiak’s decision to start Osweiler almost the second half of the season turned out to be an outstanding situation.

Knowing there would be some kind potential from their blessed 6’ 8″ height back up QB, the Broncos were not only able to get good experience from Osweiler but we’re able to see the hidden talent the young prodigy possesses.

Winning over five games and scoring more touchdowns that Manning last season, success from Osweler creates an interesting case scenario happening in Denver. The questions become even more intriguing if Peyton decides to actually not retire.

What will happen to Osweiler? Surely the Broncos are not going to pay for two of the QB’s, that is mainly why they are eagerly waiting for Manning’s decision to finally be announced.

If Manning elects to stay, there certainly will be QB hysteria; Denver will need to plan for another quarterback to replace Manning for health concern or possible injury, but also for the future of the team.

The overwhelming number of people in the NFL have high respect for the legendary QB and his hesitant announcement to retire, but Broncos’ nation is growing extremely anxious as time is quickly ticking in Denver.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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