Not everyone likes to believe in the favorite cliché:

“It’s a new year, yet a new beginning!“

“This is our year!”, Yes well we all like to think that but how often do we say this

How often do we continue to support yearly traditions just for the glamour the spotlight
Just the outside layer of NYE
THE party
We all love to party
We all love that cake
But the inside layer of that double chocolate fudge is another story
Not everyone likes to bite in to the REAL core of that sweet taste

Not everyone wants to to taste the texture of reality
Not everyone bites the inside layer of NYE
And I’m one of of those people as well
Though, the difference is I’m beginning to recognize it

Every year I get amped up for a New Years evolution
It’s like pressing the refresh button
NYE replenishes the old you & all of a sudden

“A new you is born”
“I have a new mentality, new perspective”
Watch out world
I always tell my self I shall commit to this
The problem is half of these resolutions resonate

The resolutions I have seek are the cliche resolutions u might have yourself (diet, conserve, exercise)

For now I don’t have that inside layer of that double chocolate fudge you were requesting
However I have the classic, outside layer of the cake
I have Alabama destroying Clemson on Monday, January 11th for the BCS National Championship.

Yeah not winning the ball game but dominating

You could say Clemson’s O-Line might thrive as well as Alabama’s O-line
But overall offensively, who is going to set to the tone in the run game?
Who is gonna make that first punch?
Who is gonna be 100% physical & disciplined?
Who is going to be focused?

Hard to see with Nick Saban and his crew’s BCS title experience to go down against the drain against the newbie, Clemson
Some question if they should be there in the first place (I’m one of them)
One thing you have to respect is that it they are undefeated

Only top 25 to be unbeaten

You also have to respect there size
They have a respectable defensive front as well as an O-line accompanying there 6’5 dual threat Quarterback, Deshaun Watson – the X factor of the championship

How will his running, game changing abilities affect the Alabama defense?
How will Alabama’s defense prepare for him?
Though I think this title may not be as close as everyone thinks
I’m excited as hell to watch this matchup

As a sports fan who doesn’t want to see the number one match up against the number two team in the nation?

Amazing job Nick Saban and his crew for making it to the national championship for their fourth time since hired back in 07′

Looking for his fourth title with the Tide, and his pursuit of his 5th national title

overall as a head coach

This pursuit will certainly lock Saban in the Hall of Fame:

Five national championships, the most won as a head coach since the legendary Bear Bryant


28-10 Alabama

Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis from Wroc?aw, Poland (New Years Eve at Borovets… Uploaded by Beria) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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